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Grizzly Release Party

It’s going down!


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Next show in Philly


With Hezekiah, Corfu, Slaughter Rico, Omir da Bomber, 9th Element and Malik B. of The Roots. I grew up listening to Malik so once again it’s super hip hop head approved.  The PKG crew will be repping. Props to Dutch Dap and the Corfu Crew for making it happen.

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Big Love to UGHH

Props to UGHH for showing love to new video.  The expansion continues.


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E. GRIZZLY (Philadelphia, PA) – Waterwheel² /// UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com


“Water Wheel²“, the forthcoming single from his latest mix “Generation A”. To view the clip from the Indie Hip Hop Award winner, click the link below.  The original song comes from an RJD2 instrumental called Water Wheel.  E. Grizzly is known for his dark poetic lyrics but lightened the mood a bit with this song that he wrote for all his friends around the country.

It is part of a series of videos that will be released by PKG and E. Grizzly called “Generation A”.  All the videos will transition together as one story but it will be up to the listener to arrange the videos in any particular order they choose.  The Water Wheel² video features E. Grizzly riding through the streets of Philadelphia at night.  It was directed by local film maker Alex Halpin and edited by 9th Element at PKG Studios.

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New Grizzly Video

Part of a series of videos that will be released in no particular order.  Props to PKG, Alex Halpin, and 9th Element for helping to put it together.

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Live Improv Release

This was a live improv recording I did with ActLiveMusic.com.  You can check it out below.


Werd Play – The Philly Kid Corfu LP [Live Freestyle Recording]



This 8 song live recording is the 12th in ACT LIVE MUSIC’s Werd Play series, which began in 2009. Recorded on June 20th, 2013 at Puck Live in Doyestown, PA (a borough north of Philly), this new release features local Philadelphia come-ups Dutch Dap, 9th Element, E Grizzly, Stankfoot, PaleFaceBrother, Joey Kush and rsinx86.

Downloading this record is a great way to get to know some artists on the come up that you may not have heard otherwise. We hope you enjoy, recording it is always a lot of fun.

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Next Grizzly Show

Is in Doylestown, PA with ActLiveMusic.com, DJ Games, Yikes The Zero, 9th Element, Sammy G, Dutch Dap, Palefacebrother, Stankfoot and the PKG crew of course.

E. Grizzly PKG Actlivemusic

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More PKG Photo Shoot Stuff

Philadelphia is so dirty that it’s a work of art.  It’s grunge background heaven.  I would much rather have a cleaner Philly but you take the good with the bad.  Big props to PKG of course.  You can check them out at PKG215.com.  You can check out 9th Element (the dude beside me) at 9thelement.com and you can check out photographer Jalil Simpson at wegonemakeit.blogspot.com.  All good peoples.


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