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Next Show in Philly

The next show is at 3G Lounge in North Philly with me Pean, Jonifin Marvin, and a cipher with Young Pooh, Mel Love, Mark Lawana, Tommy Tucker and more.  Doing the cipher with a live band so it’s definitely going to be dope.

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Simple single color prints get all the glory

So I do all these artsy prints trying to explain the meaning of life or trying to promote good living that have 7 colors but my one color dirt bike print is all the rave now.  That’s pretty much the print world in a nutshell.  The simple single color prints get all the glory.  At least from what I experienced.  But I did them for the Philly Hang Gang.  Props to T.Y. and the whole crew for showing love.  You can see the print in the video below with Meek Mills while they are doing their death defying stunts.  My partner in crime at PKG, Travis, did all the Lou Racing prints.  Props to Lou and everybody at the bike shop as well.

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