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Big Love to UGHH

Props to UGHH for showing love to new video.  The expansion continues.


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E. GRIZZLY (Philadelphia, PA) – Waterwheel² /// UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com


“Water Wheel²“, the forthcoming single from his latest mix “Generation A”. To view the clip from the Indie Hip Hop Award winner, click the link below.  The original song comes from an RJD2 instrumental called Water Wheel.  E. Grizzly is known for his dark poetic lyrics but lightened the mood a bit with this song that he wrote for all his friends around the country.

It is part of a series of videos that will be released by PKG and E. Grizzly called “Generation A”.  All the videos will transition together as one story but it will be up to the listener to arrange the videos in any particular order they choose.  The Water Wheel² video features E. Grizzly riding through the streets of Philadelphia at night.  It was directed by local film maker Alex Halpin and edited by 9th Element at PKG Studios.

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Grizzly on WXPN

Props to WXPN In Philly for showing me some love for the new video.  PKG all day.


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Check Out a New Music Video (and download) “Waterwheel²” from E. Grizzly

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E Grizzly

Local hip-hop artist E. Grizzly just released a music video for his track “Water Wheel²,” which features him riding and cruising through the streets of Philly at night. E. Grizzly has been releasing music since 2010, much of which you can listen to on his website. In “Water Wheel²,” he raps over an original instrumental track by Philly-based DJ and beatmaker RJD2 In fact, the entire mixtape, Generation 01000001, is backed by RJD2 songs – thus the squared symbol after each track. Cool concept (be sure to also check out “Might As Well Step Forward²”).

The video for “Water Wheel²” is part of an upcoming series of videos called “Generation A” that the rapper will release with PKG; Together, the videos will form a story, but the chronology is up to the listener to decide. Check it out below, and download the tune from E. Grizzly’s site. To get a taste of what RJD2 is up to these days, listen to his latest single here.

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New Grizzly Video

Part of a series of videos that will be released in no particular order.  Props to PKG, Alex Halpin, and 9th Element for helping to put it together.

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The Last Art Party at PKG


This is off the PKG site of the last art show I was in.  PKG all day.

This was the Collective Tee’s art exhibit where the artists put up art and t-shirts to match.  Big thanks to Miguel Mansur, Alex Halpin, E. Grizzly, Moira Katz, Jay Brisbon, David Adams, DJ Yes Indeed, 9th Element, and everybody who helped put the show together.  Video credits go to Alex Halpin and 9th Element.  Music by: E. Grizzly – East River Float Remix.  More art parties coming in the summer of course.



The Last Art Party at PKG.

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Next art show in Philly

We are doing this next art show in Philly at PKG headquarters.  Lot’s of good friends and strangers involved with this including Travis Fields, Moira Katz, Abacus Love, Alex Halpin, Jalil Simpson, Woodrow Chavarria Jr, Earl Johnson, Mark A. Hernandez Jr, Keira Stevenson, Andre Booker, Mack Dewitt and Daren Toliver.  Should be sick.  I’m even doing some art for it which is cool for me.  Haven’t done any art for a show in a while.  Also got a set at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly tomorrow.  If you are in the area come through.

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