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Love the Ra-Ra

Props to Ra NYC for putting me on this national mix.  Check out the mix and Ra-NYC.com for more details.  They’re good peoples.




BRTH A N8TN is a nationwide compilation album for free download and features talented artists representing Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City.  This compilation was curated, produced and promoted by Ronin of RA.

Background:  January 2013  I was brainstorming summer promotional projects for RA and after listening to Soundbombing Vol II, I had the idea to put together a compilation album reminiscent of DJ Clue’s The Professional, the Belly soundtrack, Soundbombing Vol. II, Tony Touch’s The Piece Maker and Boot Camp Click’s For the People.  I’m no DJ/turntablist, but the result is #BRTHAN8TN.  Enjoy!


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Next Grizzly Show

Is in Doylestown, PA with ActLiveMusic.com, DJ Games, Yikes The Zero, 9th Element, Sammy G, Dutch Dap, Palefacebrother, Stankfoot and the PKG crew of course.

E. Grizzly PKG Actlivemusic

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More blog love

This weeks love goes to Picknicka at todayssongis.wordpress.com.

They show love so I show love back.  Check out their blog for good musica.


E. Grizzly – Meanstreak Remix (In 2 Parts)

Today’s song is exceptionally no video because the quality on Soundcloud was much better. It’s from E. Grizzly, a MC and songwriter from Miami / USA. His Genre is Hip Hop or how he self call it nerd rap. I also added the YouTube-Version in the weekly playlist.




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Next Show in Philly

The next show is at 3G Lounge in North Philly with me Pean, Jonifin Marvin, and a cipher with Young Pooh, Mel Love, Mark Lawana, Tommy Tucker and more.  Doing the cipher with a live band so it’s definitely going to be dope.

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Adventures in Orlando

This was sort of an impromptu show/block party we did in the parking lot of Jusincredible Cutz in Orlando, FL.  We had some monitors and amps so me and Level did an AlukarD set together.  Then there was this friendly battle that I was peer pressured to be in.  Not really into battles but the rules specified that it really wasn’t a battle.  It was more like a friendly competition of MC’s so I was down.  It ended in a draw with me and Am I Am.  If you don’t know Am he’s a dope MC so if you’re one of those super hip hop heads that likes digging than Am and Orlando is a good spot to look.  Actually Florida in general has above par MC’s surprisingly.  It’s not all Ross and Pit Bull.  And last but not least Big Butta Beats was dropping sick beats all night.  Another guy you should check out for good hip hop mixes.  I like how he put an epic score on the video below.  Part two of this event is coming soon which I didn’t know about but I will probably be there.



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I got to keep on goin’
I got to keep on flowin’
like a river delivered,
deep, deep into the ocean,
I can’t lose momentum,
no way, no how, no question,
ok so now I can’t stop,
until I see the whole spectrum,
until I see the full picture,
until I read the true scripture,
I’ll howl on every block in the projects,
until I see a new mixture,
of love, thought, logic,
and control until doe is not an object,
until we all pocket a profit,
until we all got it oh no I can’t stop shit,
I got to keep on hustling,
I got to keep on trucking,
I got to keep on moving,
I got to keep improving,
I got to keep on pressing,
I got to keep progressing,
I got to keep on pushing,
I got to keep on pushing,
I got to keep on going,
I got to keep on growing,
like a snowball that’s so tall,
and it just keeps on rolling,
down a mountain and the lesson,
I learned is keep countin’ the blessin’s
that I earned throughout the years,
until I have no concerns, doubts or fears,
until I reach the masses,
I’m all in until Wall Street crashes,
into a heap of ashes,
until the real is revealed destroy and rebuild,
and the joy is the real that you feel,
when you can relate we can talk and debate,
we can walk to the wake together,
and I know planting ideas takes forever but
We got to keep on hustling,
We got to keep on trucking,
We got to keep on moving,
We got to keep improving,
We got to keep on pressing,
We got to keep progressing,
We got to keep on pushing,
We got to keep on pushing…
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