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The Last Art Party at PKG


This is off the PKG site of the last art show I was in.  PKG all day.

This was the Collective Tee’s art exhibit where the artists put up art and t-shirts to match.  Big thanks to Miguel Mansur, Alex Halpin, E. Grizzly, Moira Katz, Jay Brisbon, David Adams, DJ Yes Indeed, 9th Element, and everybody who helped put the show together.  Video credits go to Alex Halpin and 9th Element.  Music by: E. Grizzly – East River Float Remix.  More art parties coming in the summer of course.



The Last Art Party at PKG.

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Next art show in Philly

We are doing this next art show in Philly at PKG headquarters.  Lot’s of good friends and strangers involved with this including Travis Fields, Moira Katz, Abacus Love, Alex Halpin, Jalil Simpson, Woodrow Chavarria Jr, Earl Johnson, Mark A. Hernandez Jr, Keira Stevenson, Andre Booker, Mack Dewitt and Daren Toliver.  Should be sick.  I’m even doing some art for it which is cool for me.  Haven’t done any art for a show in a while.  Also got a set at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly tomorrow.  If you are in the area come through.

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Last Art Show I Helped Put Together

Unfortunately I was so busy installing the art that I didn’t get a chance to put any of my art up.  Plus I’ve been so focused on music that my inner painter/screen printer/mixed media guy has been neglected.  I have to bring him back.  But big hearts go out to Carolina Mejides for helping me install the art.  And a big manly hand shake to David Adams who put the rest of this showing together.  Couldn’t even come close to doing this with out them.

But the artists on display are Miguel Manzur, David Adams, Makenzie Flynn, Mark Hernandez, Gloria Martin, Jon Laing, Katie Haire, Tessy Mitchum, Miguel Co, Sarah Petruska, Kathleen White, Erin Caballero, and Woodrow Chavarria Jr. Their art will be for sale at PKG in Philadelphia until the next show which is October 5th, 2012.  Come through if you’re in the area.

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Art Exhibit I’m helping to put together

Art exhibit I’m putting together with David Adams, Miguel Manzur, and PKG.  Some cipher action as well.  Here’s the line up.  Definitely would recommend to check out the artists.  They’re all pretty good.

Miguel Manzur   migmaa.tumblr.com

David Adams   dagraphixx.wordpress.com

Makenzie Flynn    MakenzieFlynn.tumblr.com

Mark Hernandez   hernandezillustrations.blogspot.com

Gloria Martin    cargocollective.com/gloriajean

Jon Laing   jonlaing.com

Katie Haire    katiehaire.com

Tessy Mitchum    tessmitchum.com

Miguel Co    miguel-co.com

With special guest artist Woodrow Chavarria Jr.,  Kathleen White, and Sarah Petruska

PKG Cipher with

E. Grizzly, Pean, Quake, 9th Element and more



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