Below are some Grizzly shirts from the Think! brand I’m printing with PKG.  Just click on the shirt

you want which will take you to the PKG shopping cart where you can buy it online.

Please note which color and size you prefer when you check out.  We also have women’s

shirts and free shipping available.

think E. Grizzly

r2d2 E. Grizzly

ed209 E. Grizzly

johnny5 E. Grizzly





10 thoughts on “Merch

  1. I like the shirts!! Just taking a looksy round, liking what I see. Well done on your achievements so far. Looking forward to following your style!

  2. Martin Blank says:

    The ‘Turn On Your Brain’ design is particularly excellent.

  3. ronawrites says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your designs are awesome! Keep up the good work. Love and Light R

  4. vdarcangelo says:

    Cool merch. Love the T-shirts.

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