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PKG Studios is open for business

So if you don’t know by now PKG is my crew in Philly.  We do everything together including business.  We opened up a studio recently.  It’s dopeness.  Here’s some more details.

PKG Studios is open for business.

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PKG Purple Stuff

We replaced one of our water coolers for some Philly Kid Purple Stuff at PKG Headquarters.  It has some bite.  Should be an interesting Summer.

PKG Purple Stuff.

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Some More Think Stuff

The Neon-stein will be available soon.  Or if you’re in Philly it’s available now beside Heathcliff and the Reservoir Dogs action figures at PKG.



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Art Exhibit I’m helping to put together

Art exhibit I’m putting together with David Adams, Miguel Manzur, and PKG.  Some cipher action as well.  Here’s the line up.  Definitely would recommend to check out the artists.  They’re all pretty good.

Miguel Manzur   migmaa.tumblr.com

David Adams   dagraphixx.wordpress.com

Makenzie Flynn    MakenzieFlynn.tumblr.com

Mark Hernandez   hernandezillustrations.blogspot.com

Gloria Martin    cargocollective.com/gloriajean

Jon Laing   jonlaing.com

Katie Haire    katiehaire.com

Tessy Mitchum    tessmitchum.com

Miguel Co    miguel-co.com

With special guest artist Woodrow Chavarria Jr.,  Kathleen White, and Sarah Petruska

PKG Cipher with

E. Grizzly, Pean, Quake, 9th Element and more



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