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My sweet witch


I feel the magic in her eyes, I feel the magic in her stare,
it’s like she can see my soul she can almost grab it in the air,
I drink her witches brew then all the knots and the tension,
switches to serenity yes she’s got my attention,
she knows the chemistry, she serves the justice,
for dinner everyday she’s my sinner, she’s my seductress,
in every way, she was banished by crusaders,
in the past but now my enchantress can truly make her,
magic without Quakers trying to burn her at the stake,
and there’s a few haters but she’s not concerned with the hate,
because she learned that it’s fake, and I want to get to savor,
every delicious drop she’s got it’s the the richest flavor,
we flow with the waves, we’re bold and were brave,
and I can tell I’m under her spell I know I’m her slave,
but by tomorrow all the magic will be gone,
yet tonight it feels so right it’s like a ballad that’s beyond,
anything I ever heard, and every word is a weapon,
so I want to give her what she deserves in a second,
but every second is a minute, every minute is an hour,
and I can’t tell until I’m in it then the power,
starts eating me away, yes it’s leading me astray,
to Eden and it’s pleading me to stay,
but I need it to survive so I be eating her her alive,
when we’re stuck alone I be sucking on her bones,
and it’s divine when she screams,
its like she dies in my arms every time and it seems,
like there’s magic in her eyes, I see the magic in her light,
And Im an adict in duisguise I got to have it in my life,
She casted a spell and I fell down a bottomless hole,
I can’t tell if I fell asleep or how far the promises go,
and shes anonymous so her secrets will never spill,
out my mouth because they don’t get it and I doubt they ever will.
I guess I love her.
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