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Cover art for the next mix


Art for the next mix brought to you by PKG.  Looks like it will get pushed back to early April but it’s all good.  The release will be interesting like always.

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Some More Think Stuff

The Neon-stein will be available soon.  Or if you’re in Philly it’s available now beside Heathcliff and the Reservoir Dogs action figures at PKG.



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Birth of the Think! Brand

A few people have been asking me what is “Think!”.  Think! is a brand I created to bring all of my ideas together in an nut shell.  My music, my art, my life has been dedicated to thought provoke and the think bubble has turned into my signature so there you go.  The Think! brand is created and it’s main purpose is to promote intelligence.  I want to make it cool to be smart again or at least try to.  I’ve been doing a lot of public art think bubbles in Philly and NYC so keep an eye for that.  And these are some new Think! T-shirts I’m doing with my family at PKG.  Marcus Garvey and Huey Newton just happened to be the first on my mind.  Click on the pic to buy one online.



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More on Generation 01000001



Aiming for a release date for 03/23/13.  It just seems like a great day for a release.

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New Merch

Some new merch for the Think! project and the Generation 01000001 project.  Because who ever told you being a nerd is lame is an enormous idiot. You can click on the shirts and they’ll take you to the PKG shopping cart.  Just specify what color, and size you want.  We also have female cut shirts available.

think E. Grizzly


r2d2 E. Grizzly


ed209 E. Grizzly


johnny5 E. Grizzly

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And you will know me by the trail of think bubbles.


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Generation 01000001 is Coming


New mix coming soon called Generation 01000001 or Generation A.  It will be a hip hop, lyrical, poetic, fiesta.

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