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Adventures in Jacksonville

This is another show I did with Alukard on the Jagermeister Tour with Pepper and Pennywise at Plush in Jacksonville, FL.  It’s amazing how you can influence crowds of people on a stage with a mic.  We told the crowd to put up the devil horns.  What do you know.  Everybody put them up.

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Adventures in St. Pete

This was a show I did a little while back with AlukarD on the Jagermeister Tour.  We were opening for Pepper and Pennywise at Janus Landings in St. Petersburg, FL.  This was the biggest show I ever did at the time and there’s definitely a huge energy difference between performing in front of 100 people and 1,000 people.  You can feel it.  I’m not to sure what’s the scientific idea for feeling energy from a crowd of people but it definitely exists.  If you look at the first pic closely I’m the guy on stage underneath the “A” in Jagermeister.  You can see the happiness in my lil face.

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