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An Art Show I helped Put Together in Miami

This was an art show I did with Kazilla and Multiversal for Art Basel in Miami.  If you never heard of Art Basel it’s a big art festival in the Miami art district.  At the time me and Candace Meyer were feeling a little ballsy and decided to rent a giant warehouse in the art district just because.  We called our warehouse the Grey Area.  Kazilla was suppose to do her art show at SOHO, which is another giant warehouse, but that didn’t work out so we teamed up with her and did this impromptu art show that lasted 4 days and had thousands of people in attendance.  We prepped this warehouse for 36 hours straight with no sleep.  The only people who lasted the whole 36 hours was me, Kazilla, and Lu Diamondz so they get forever props for that.  Check out Kazilla at kazilla.biz.  She’s always doing awesome shit.

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