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More Adventures in NYC

This is footage from the last show I did at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC with J.R. Writer, Black Rose, Thoughts and more.

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More Adventures in Miami

So if you know your Miami scene history you might remember Black Sheep Bar on the Beach.  And if you’re really good you might know it used to be The Laundry Bar.  I’m not to sure what this venue is now but this was a collabo set I did with Alukard, Candace Meyer, and Korpus Kounty.  We were opening up for Canibus at the time.  He actually rocked the crowd too so it was definitely a classic night in Miami.

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The Anthem To The Entreprenuer

This was a live recording I did with The Cornerstoners in Miami.  Never did a studio recording of this song.  Maybe one of these days.  But I will be putting this live show up for free download soon.  This show had a bunch of indie artists from Miami ranging in a whole bunch of genres.  But I did the first two verses and Michelangelo of The Cornerstoners does the spoken word at the end.  For more on The Cornerstoners you can go to TheCornerstoners.com.

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