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Art Battles and the Fraudulent DJ Experiment

This was an experimental art show I helped put together with Fabian Bolanos in L.A., Sean Bono in NYC and Level in Miami.  At the time me and Level were putting a bunch of AlukarD shows together in Miami so Fabian called us and told us what Sean Bono was doing.  Art Battles is Sean Bono’s baby.  He’s been doing it for a while and now Art Battles is an international event done around the world.  So we all worked together in Miami for this event below and it was definitely a success.  This was the first time I ever had to DJ for a big event and me and Level made it into a joke.  We were purposefully fraudulent DJ’s.  We came with a Mac and a playlist but the sad thing was 95% of the people there didn’t notice.  We still got all the love regular DJ’s get but with none of the skills.  We just had a good choice of music.  Now I understand why real DJ’s get upset at wack DJ’s.  I also underestimated how hard it was to DJ even though I was a fraud.  People were requesting terrible songs constantly, if you slightly mess up everybody looks at you at the same time, it’s was surprisingly a lot of pressure.  So props to all the dope DJ’s out there.  All you musicians that talk trash on DJ’s leave it alone.  It’s not easy.  If someone is successful being a DJ then good for them.  Even if you don’t play music I like I still can’t knock success.  Me and Level ended the night with an AlukarD acoustic set and Julie L. Friel was the artist who won the competition so props to her for that.  I don’t think competition should be in art for multiple reasons but it was entertaining either way.  All the info for the artists and Art Battles is below.  Make sure to check it all out.










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An Art Show I helped Put Together in Miami

This was an art show I did with Kazilla and Multiversal for Art Basel in Miami.  If you never heard of Art Basel it’s a big art festival in the Miami art district.  At the time me and Candace Meyer were feeling a little ballsy and decided to rent a giant warehouse in the art district just because.  We called our warehouse the Grey Area.  Kazilla was suppose to do her art show at SOHO, which is another giant warehouse, but that didn’t work out so we teamed up with her and did this impromptu art show that lasted 4 days and had thousands of people in attendance.  We prepped this warehouse for 36 hours straight with no sleep.  The only people who lasted the whole 36 hours was me, Kazilla, and Lu Diamondz so they get forever props for that.  Check out Kazilla at kazilla.biz.  She’s always doing awesome shit.

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