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Awkward Interview Time

This was an interview I did a while back in Miami with Level of Alukard.  What makes this interview awkward is the story of “Siah The Suppliah”.  Not to sure if I spelled that right but it really doesn’t matter.  So this dude Siah (who’s interviewing me) and DJ Primo were working together on music and a bunch of other hustles.  To make a long story short, Siah ended up having this weird man crush on DJ Primo (the DJ in this interview) which turned extremely spiteful over night.  He snitched Primo out to the cops, and while Primo was locked up, he robbed Primo of all his music equipment.  It was the oddest homo thuggery I have ever witnessed.  Some of the girls that worked with us found Siah on a bunch of gay dating websites, Primo mentioned that Siah came on to him and starting getting evil when Primo denied him.  It was just odd.  Now I got love for the gays but I don’t got love for people who front that they are machismo super thugs when they are not.  This kind of stuff happens in hoods all around the world so don’t be fooled.  We do live in 2012 though so it should be okay for thugs to be gay.  You don’t have to do the alpha male front with me.  But big props to Primo for getting through all that drama and still doing his thing.  He works with Maybach Music Latino now and he’s a great example of a hip hop dude over coming adversity.

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