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Blog Love

Sending some love to Maxx at bestpopsongs.org.  He has a few interesting words to say about me.  For one he refers to me as a group of people.  I actually would like to think of me in plural.  He also says some other theoretical statements that my romantic side would agree with.

E. Grizzly – New Blud Remix (El-P Instrumental)

Man I like their poetry.  Something tells me these guys are tapped into the coming changes.  A new evolution of our species.  

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Making Waves

I shoot signals right to your antenna,
around your head just like a bandana,
it sounds like you’re dead because all I got is static,
when I turned to your channel and it’s automatic,
that mammals always see and get reception,
yet now and days I see a disconnection,
we all drawed and pulled the plug,
out the socket we crashed and threw the love,
in the trash and we’re coming out of pocket,
but check the broadcast because I’m about to rock it,
it’s a tall task to catch the transmission,
but you need to be a believer and have some ambition,
to even hear it from your receiver,
so don’t be an underachiever,
stop consumin’ and tune in to the station,
be a human and not a duplication,
of what you see never be a clone,
don’t be a sheep and don’t ever be alone,
if you are then start walking out,
because your not seeing me or what I’m talking about,
forget other preconceived,
notions I’m on another frequency,
I shoot oceans high in the air waves,
causing a commotion from my bear cave,
and there’s no potion to drink,
no pill to take, no emotion to jinx,
you to what’s real or fake, wrong or rumors,
in order to learn just turn on your tuners. 
so please stay tuned,
so please stay tuned,
so please stay tuned,
so please stay tuned,
so ignore those hiccups of greed,
and war, explore and try to pick up the feed,
and don’t look in appearance,
for solutions that’s just static interference,
and polution to your true vision,
and makes it hard to listen to your intuition,
it’s not a new religion, not supernatural,
not superstition, but it is true and factual,
Yes I know it’s crazy though,
how your brain makes waves like a radio,
so you can read someone like a polygraph,
and I speak on this sun light on behalf,
of a higher source, I’m just a medium,
to a premium force and I’m not a comedian,
I’m just a bohemian intellect,
and connect with signals that intersect,
with my stream and it doesn’t seem simplistic,
it seems like a dream or unrealistic,
and you can call me a mystic,
but do the research and see the statistics,
on the reports that have taken place,
which supports this theory and makes a case,
that amazing grace really can be measured,
and we can read minds with ease and see pleasure,
it should be treasured not rejected,
and we all got perspectives,
but it’s not at the top so understand and atone,
that the Earth has a plan of it’s own.
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