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More Adventures in NYC

This is footage from the last show I did at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC with J.R. Writer, Black Rose, Thoughts and more.

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More on the show tonight at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC

So the next show is tonight at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC.  It has been upgraded to the JR Writer Mixtape release party.  His new mix is called Extra Terrestrial Musik.  I can dig it.  This is the info on the Nuyorican website.
Go Hard or Go Home Part 2: J.R Writer ET: Extra-Terrestrial Musik Mixtape Release
w/ Host Ruperto Vanderpool and Spoken word by Kandy Kola & Thesis
Come to the Nuyo and check out a show that has it all: Poetry, Comedy,Fashion, and Hip Hop! From a Fashion show displaying clothes from Arter Clothing, Da Ave Wear, and THC Brand, to Performances from Hip Hop artists J.R Writer, Black Rose Familia, Thoughts, E.Grizzly, Sparkington, and Spoken word artist Kandy Kola 7 thesis and more! Hosted by Comedian Ruperto Vanderpool! Tickets $25!!
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Next Show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

The next show is in New Yawk at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe with J.R. Writer, Black Rose, Thoughts and friends.  This is the third time I will be performing at the Nuyorican.  The first was an open mic and the second was part 1 of the flyer below.  But if you don’t know of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe it’s a great, classic, legendary venue.  If you are a lyrical detective like myself I would encourage you to check it out when you are traveling through the lower east side of Manhattan.  And J.R. Writer still reps Dip Set and Harlem.  Black Rose is on a come up.  Thoughts is ringing bells through out the city.  It will be interesting as always.

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Adventures in New York

Some footage of the last show I did at the Nuyorican Cafe in NYC.  Props to Thoughts, Black Rose, and everybody involved.

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Grizzly Show this Weekend at the Nuyorican Cafe in NYC

Got a show this weekend with the NYC crew at The Nuyorican Cafe.  Thoughts, Black Rose, Awar, Roberto Vanderpool…  Well you can read the flyer but the good times keep on a rolling.

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Just Another Hip Hop Show in NYC

So if you don’t know what I been up to in the past few years then oh well.  Just know I basically do music, art, and put shows together.  These are my adventures.  So usually when I do a show I perform but I also get the venue, book other people to perform, promote, do the flyer, do the sound, etc.  It can be extreme at times but I enjoy these things.  Luckily though I had my boi Thoughts backing me up with this NYC show.  Actually Thoughts grabbed the bull by the horns with this one.  He did a lot of the promoting, and booking so props to Thoughts for putting this thing together with me.  It was a dynamic duo kind of thing and if anything he was Batman.

I hopped a ride from the Philly Kid headquarters to New York the night before the show, woke up at my brothers spot in Lower East Side Manhattan the next day, and hopped on the subway to Peter Dillon’s Pub in Midtown Manhattan.  The first thing I realized is we were missing a wire to connect the computer to the speakers which is a mini to quarter inch wire to be exact.  I found a Radio Shack around the corner, copped the wire, bang, problem solved.  I waited until Rufus J. Fisk got to the venue before I set up the sound.  If you don’t know Rufus J. Fisk is a hip hop/rock band out of Lancaster, PA.  I grew up with Matt Haze who does the lead vocals.  We have done shows together from up north all the way down to Miami so we got history.  I set up the venues sound with Rufus J. Fisk.  It wasn’t the best sound but most venues rarely have top notch sound.  You just got to do your thing with what you have.

Christina Carchidi set the night off.  By the time she started performing the venue was surprisingly packed at 10:00 PM.  I always try not to have expectations with these shows mostly because I enjoy being surprised.  But Christina is a pretty singer from New York.  She had more of a pop routine but she hooked me in with her performance.  Her second song was the best in her set.  Then we had Louise Browne, another singer from NYC, and she played acoustic which was cool.  I definitely would love to get her on some more shows we do.  Awar was next and he definitely was one of the best MC’s in building.  NYC steez again but it was a dope hip hop set.  The sound wasn’t the best but that was the case with all the MC’s that night including my set.  The main issue was there was no sub woofer in the venue.  Hip hop isn’t the same with out the lows.

Black Rose performed.  They’re a hip hop group out of NYC.  One of the MC’s in the group is this dude named Pap who I had a ridiculously sick cipher in the L.E.S. a month or so ago.  Pap is nasty with it.  I dug all the MC’s in the group though.  If there was anything I would tell them to ease up on some of the ad libs.  You know when you got a group of MC’s on stage and all four people say the same ad lib.  L.O.N.S. seems to be one of the only groups that ever pulled that off.  Most of the time the heavy ad libs sound chaotic.  But all the MC’s in Black Rose are thorough for sure.  And definitely don’t sleep on Pap in a cipher.  He will eat MC’s.  Then Rufus J. Fisk came on.  Most people in the spot would agree Rufus stole the show that night.  It’s just hard to compare an MC’s set to a set with a band.  Unless you’re a headlining MC.  I did my thing.  I performed brand new songs and it came out dope.  Mostly everybody in the club was bobbing there head in unison which was awesome.  Thoughts did his thing with props and a whole crew holding up signs saying get a job and other anti establishment sayings that made me smile.  It was an all around great night.  We closed up shop and headed back to the L.E.S.  Once we got back to my brothers apartment we were harassed by Ivan Deltoro to go to Brooklyn.  It was are boy Ed’s B-day and he was celebrating at his bar Brooklyn Drinks.  Real Brooklyn shit.  It was 4AM so I passed out but really didn’t sleep because the Brooklyn party purposely woke me up at 7AM when they got back to the apartment.  Just another night/morning in NYC.

So I made my way back to Philly which is the next city scheduled to meet me and my grizzly powers.  I got a radio spot at Drexel University in Philly, open mics, and random performances around town in the next week or so.  Will let you know how it goes.

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