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Adventures in Orlando

This was an impromptu show/battle/cookout in Orlando, FL.  We basically set up some monitors, a drum set, and amps in the parking lot of Jusincredible Cutz and went hamburger.  This was when I first started doing shows and sharing my music around the country so it’s cool to see.  Not to sure why the video is just surfacing now but better late than never.  Props to Jusincredible Cutz, Big Butta Beats, Alukard, Am I Am and everybody in Orlando who showed us love.  Me and Am I am ended up sharing the battle winnings so it was a good night for us.

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More review stuff

This is from the album “One Shot” that I did with Alukard in Miami.  For more about the Alukard project you can go to itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-shot/id370076041

For more on this article you can go to miami.com/alukard-article


Our Band of the Hour likes to consider themselves Miami’s worst kept secret and embrace their black sheep status.


By Rayme Samuels

Coining themselves Miami’s worst kept secret, AluKarD have been doing their thing since 1998. These guys are the first to admit that they are the proverbial black sheep of the local music scene. Pride flows from the quintet when they declare that there is no one else around in Miami that sounds like them.

Members Level (rhythm guitar, vocals), Zaigone (drummer), Jason Pupo (bass), Stuntman Steve (lead guitar), and E.Grizzly (MC, synthesizer) are masters of innovation. Skating across the musical spectrum, these guys create a sound of punk and classic rock dutifully combined with bass and hip hop that inspires a deep connection with their audiences.  Deftly able to manipulate their sound through different genres, the quintet finds influence from acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Wu Tang Clan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Johnny Cash.

Taking a stance against how droves of newcomers in the industry claim to be the next big thing that will save music, and then end up producing clichéd songs, AluKarD don’t want to save music. They want music to save them. “So many people have something to say in their songs, and that’s great but we found that music should give you something to feel,” Level explained.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in their gripping tune “Forever Never,” a hard hitting track that tells a true story of a guy falling in love with a girl who is already taken. The subliminal anthem in support of a comrade’s encounter with forbidden love speaks volumes to the accessibility of the band.

Touring the east coast from Florida to New York City in 2008, AluKarD left a lasting impression at every stop along the way. For them, nothing compared to coming back home to Miami for the warm welcome. The future brings a release party at Vagabond on Thursday, Feb. 11 for their disc “One Shot” and many more opportunities to catch their live show.

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Awkward Interview Time

This was an interview I did a while back in Miami with Level of Alukard.  What makes this interview awkward is the story of “Siah The Suppliah”.  Not to sure if I spelled that right but it really doesn’t matter.  So this dude Siah (who’s interviewing me) and DJ Primo were working together on music and a bunch of other hustles.  To make a long story short, Siah ended up having this weird man crush on DJ Primo (the DJ in this interview) which turned extremely spiteful over night.  He snitched Primo out to the cops, and while Primo was locked up, he robbed Primo of all his music equipment.  It was the oddest homo thuggery I have ever witnessed.  Some of the girls that worked with us found Siah on a bunch of gay dating websites, Primo mentioned that Siah came on to him and starting getting evil when Primo denied him.  It was just odd.  Now I got love for the gays but I don’t got love for people who front that they are machismo super thugs when they are not.  This kind of stuff happens in hoods all around the world so don’t be fooled.  We do live in 2012 though so it should be okay for thugs to be gay.  You don’t have to do the alpha male front with me.  But big props to Primo for getting through all that drama and still doing his thing.  He works with Maybach Music Latino now and he’s a great example of a hip hop dude over coming adversity.

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All in moderation


Off of the Revolution will be Televised mix with Level from Miami.  Produced by Level.

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Adventures in Jacksonville

This is another show I did with Alukard on the Jagermeister Tour with Pepper and Pennywise at Plush in Jacksonville, FL.  It’s amazing how you can influence crowds of people on a stage with a mic.  We told the crowd to put up the devil horns.  What do you know.  Everybody put them up.

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More Review Stuff

This was a review by the Miami New Times for the AlukarD project I was a part of.  If you don’t know of AlukarD it was this weird, rock, punk, hip hop thing I did with Level from Miami and a bunch other Sweet Water hooligans.  They’re great peoples and it was by far the most fun I had with any of my experimental projects.  To check out the AlukarD project you can go to the link below.



Alukard celebrates its debut full-length release at the Vagabond this Thursday

A A AComments (0)By Arielle Castillo Thursday, Feb 11 2010

After a seemingly endless heyday, rap-rock eventually became one of the most reviled musical artifacts of the end of the last millennium. But it’s been more than a decade since then. Fred Dursthas disappeared from everywhere except Twitter, and critical darlings such as Cage are starting to rhyme over guitars again. So the timing of Miami band Alukard’s debut full-length, One Shot, seems fortuitous. To lump it in with the crappy nu-metal-with-scratching of two decades ago, though, would be seriously wrong.

First, there is no DJ in Alukard, and the group’s style is more diverse than one might initially expect. The band members have dubbed it “305 rock,” and it’s a punk- and hardcore-fueled brew that still occasionally dabbles in ska, acoustic balladry, and even a touch of New Wave. Over all of this, a twin attack of MCs seems to barely control and egg on a joyous chaos.

One Shot is clearly the product of much labor and love. Released on the band’s own imprint, Labeless Records, it’s clearly conceived as a total package, an anomaly in today’s download-by-track music landscape. The disc weighs in at a for-these-times hefty 15 tracks, complete with an intro and an outro with a hidden track. The best ones are the most balls-out. Songs such as “44 Kaliber Love Letter,” “Molotov Cocktease,” and “The 5th” hinge on furious blasts of guitar stops and starts that crescendo into epic choruses and breakdowns; it’s the kind of thing you would want to listen to before an MMA bout.

The real stars here, though, are MCs Level and E. Grizzly, who have something Durst and company never had: quality rapping and flow. Level, aBrooklyn native who also plays rhythm guitar for the group, is particularly skilled, able to switch among Zack de la Rocha-style incantations, a soaring melodic croon, and a half-grizzled bark. (With that last voice, he would do well as a hardcore frontman.) Grizzly, meanwhile, hails from Philly and boasts a serious Northeastern flavor, floating in and out of the mix to keep the energy level maxed out. The band, too, is surprisingly tight; lead guitarist Stuntman Steve especially shreds, with a few searing, thrash-worthy solos.

Things occasionally slow down on One Shot, with a pseudo-love song in “On Our Way” and a strummy flight of stardom fantasy in “Just Maybe.” These are perfectly adequate but unnecessary: Alukard is best with its levels at 11. Hipster music this ain’t, but the band’s audible passion and dedication to its hometown might win you over in spite of yourself.

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Adventures in Orlando

This was sort of an impromptu show/block party we did in the parking lot of Jusincredible Cutz in Orlando, FL.  We had some monitors and amps so me and Level did an AlukarD set together.  Then there was this friendly battle that I was peer pressured to be in.  Not really into battles but the rules specified that it really wasn’t a battle.  It was more like a friendly competition of MC’s so I was down.  It ended in a draw with me and Am I Am.  If you don’t know Am he’s a dope MC so if you’re one of those super hip hop heads that likes digging than Am and Orlando is a good spot to look.  Actually Florida in general has above par MC’s surprisingly.  It’s not all Ross and Pit Bull.  And last but not least Big Butta Beats was dropping sick beats all night.  Another guy you should check out for good hip hop mixes.  I like how he put an epic score on the video below.  Part two of this event is coming soon which I didn’t know about but I will probably be there.



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