Philly Kid also known as Philly Kid Group, Philly Kid Grafix or PKG is a Philly based screen printing and promotions company owned and operated by Travis Fields, Jessica Partridge and E. Grizzly.  PKG is located in the heart of Northern Liberties (North Philadelphia, PA) on 513 W. Girard Ave. and they specialize in custom T-shirts, vintage graphics, art prints, music releases, and art exhibits for local and national artists.  For more information on Philly Kid you can go to phillykidgrafix.com or click on the logo above.

The Grey Area is an Art Gallery/Venue that was founded by Candace Meyer, E. Grizzly and the Dead Acrobats (Harlowe G, and Dre FX) in 2010.  It is located in the Miami Art District and was introduced to Miami for the 2010 Art Basel event which is one of the biggest art festivals in the world.  Since Grey Area has opened it has been home to rock shows, art exhibits, video shoots, and other mediums of art in Miami.  It has went through many changes since it’s opening.  The remaining founder is Candace Meyer who will have a grand reopening of the Grey Area for the 2011 Art Basel event in December.

A-HA! Events was founded by E. Grizzly and is a non-profit organization ran by artists to promote independent artists around the country. All of the shows put together by A-HA! Events are promoted by the artists and all profits go to the bands who perform instead of outside promoters and booking agents.  A-Ha! Events started in Miami, FL but since has expanded to the whole east coast, and California as well.  A-Ha! has helped put together over one hundred shows around the country and some of the shows are displayed below.  For booking info on A-Ha! Events contact E. Grizzly at egrizzly305@gmail.com.


6 thoughts on “Experiments

  1. What a great endeavour! Thank’s for stopping by my blog and following!

  2. Aha ~ Great! More Power to You!

  3. suri says:

    This is quite something!

  4. Everything Philadelphia puts out has a swag. Like your work very much. a logo. almost forgot. Thanks for posting your work. Continued success.

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