For booking, collaborations, advice, or sarcastic conversation you 
can e-mail E. Grizzly at  You can also press the buttons
below to visit E. Grizzly on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and SoundCloud.  His instagram is @egrizzlycave

25 thoughts on “Contact

  1. LifeWithChad says:

    how could i better than guru?

  2. poetryandmusings says:

    enjoy your writings!! and thank you for the following. Looking forward to reading more of your work!!

  3. KittyKittie says:


  4. Thanks for stopping by to check my art out….know you were drawn by the title, Veiled Lover. LOL. Love your graphic with the bear.

  5. Thanks very much for the follow! I am v flattered, you have some amazing career history. I will follow with interest and thanks for introducing me to your music. Its been a long time since I’ve listened to any hip-hop, so thanks again for the re-introduction! 🙂

    • egrizzly305 says:

      No problem.. Will be checking your stuff out as well. Love to be able to relate to others so I try to keep up with everybody here. A thinkers life doesn’t have to be a lonely life.

  6. spreaddapoo says:

    Hey – I haven’t had the time (or the bandwith) to check out your stuff, but your site looks amazing. Can’t wait till I get around to doing it! 🙂 P.S. I believe I’m ready to venture into the world of hip hop. It’s been a while, dear friend.

  7. Jamey says:

    Where are you located? Based.

  8. Ian Gardner says:

    Welcome as a follower of my blog on WordPress. All the best 🙂

  9. J says:

    thanks for the follow!! It is much appreciated,I love your setup.

  10. Good stuff on your page bro really respect it. if you have time you should check out my bea tape. you might find a couple things you like.

  11. docwriteous says:

    Thanks for the follow. Nice blog, loving what I seen so far doing, just downloaded your mixtape will have a listen laters (Sorry unemployed at moment so I didn’t pay you). Like your think clothing too, nice idea. I used to wear a lot of Think skateboard Tees, not cos I liked the company I just like thinking, so will be buying some of yours when I get a job again… One Love!

  12. Thank you for following me! 🙂 I really love your concepts and designs. The think shirts look sick. Your mixtape is dope too. I look forward to seeing you succeed. I just started a vintage shop online and this blog within the past two months. I’d really appreciate any advice or feedback. Also, thought you might like my music too. I’m a female rap artist in LA.


    • egrizzly305 says:

      Darls! I like your music. It’s dope! It’s not often I hear a lyrical female with a good voice and free flow like you have. My only advice would be meet as much people as you can online and locally. Everyday. Add everybody that has the same interests as you and show them love. Tumblr has a big network of awesome people too. Art and music is an everyday thing though. I sleep 6 hours and work 18 hours on art and music. So if you are willing to work that hard I would definitely suggest to do art and music that you want to do. From your heart. People who do it just for money don’t last long.

      • Thank you so much. I appreciate your perspective and will definitely try some of the things out. Social networking is honestly not my strongest point and I do need to address that. I’ve never tried tumblr tho so I will do that. it’s always great to hear from people doing the kind of work I want to do because starting with a online shop and doing music can get real intimidating like should I worry I’m a dreamer or take advantage of it kind of thing. So again thank you. 🙂

  13. ssoldjasper says:

    I have no idea if I’m doing this right. But thanks for following me. You young wippersnappers think this is so simple, so matter of fact. This is kind of like gold mining: you dig for twenty years and find nothing. While the casual rock hound finds a nugget one Sunday. Am I making any sense here? Probably not! -Jasper

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