More Grizzly Adventures

Me and the crew got a bunch of regional friends coming to town the next couple weeks. Show these kids some love. Everybody is dope.

04/28 (tonight) Philly, PA @ Overlook Hotel w/ P.T. Burnem (Richmond, VA), Myles Bullen (Richmond, VA), The Dirty Merlins (Trenton, NJ), Felipe Pupo, Decap Attak
05/06 Philly PA @ The Fire w/ Dreadpool Parker (Trenton, NJ), Sikes and the New Violence (Pittsburgh, PA), The Shit Hawks, Buddy Leezle, Manikineter, Supine
05/11 Philly, PA @ Lava Space w/ Mic Lanny (Albany, NY) Dezmatic (Albany, NY), Ialive, E. Grizzly, Ronnie Vega

#philly #albany #richmond #trenton #pittsburgh #hiphop #punk #hardcore #poetry #egrizzlyadventures #thefire #lavaspace #overlookhotel #phillymusic #think

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