Next Grizzly Show in Philly

Getting ready for the show tonight. Here’s some more about it from the good people at The Deli Magazine.

Triple Release Party w/E. Grizzly, Carl Kavorkian & Static Brothers at Everybody Hits Dec. 17

Celebrating a new release breathes an instantaneous fresh life into any lineup. However, tonight’s billing at Everybody Hits couldn’t stop with just one; the evening contains three, with Carl Kavorkian, E. Grizzly, and Static Brothers. With his new EP SerpePhant hatched, Kavorkian unleashes his grimy metal-toned vocals, draped over sinister-sounding beats, retaining an undeniable stickiness amid the menacing, torrid roar. With a full band in tow, E. Grizzly unifies calypso, punk, and hip hop into sleek, tenacious, warm grooves on his latest LP Felipe Pupo. The duo of Static Brothers descend from an alternative dimension, teleporting drone-injected trip-hop, innately engulfing as they touch down, delivering personalized poetic chants through the future-infected noise. The undeterred fistful of thrashcore fury, otherwise known as HIRS, blitz ahead with a new EP You Can’t Kill Us, scheduled for release on December 20. The socially conscious, sonic-warping, experimental vortex of Moor Mother closes out a lineup that never stops swinging. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave., 7pm, $8, All Ages – Michael Colavita

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