Felipe Pupo is here

So if you don’t know the story I was supposed to do this project with my good friend and bassist Jason Pupo. We wanted to do a live set that was the most fun possible. We obviously went with a Synth Calypso Punk set. We were talking about it for months and a day before our first practice Pupo passed away. This project was on the shelf for a while but then fellow anti hero, Scott Labenski, came through and nailed the whole idea. It came out sounding like english reggaeton punk which I’m totally down with.  And even though Pupo is gone he is still very much a part of this band. Kind of like phantom limbs he is our phantom bassist. Which puts this project in the middle of reality and some where else. So to Scott and Pupo. We finally finished it. Congrats! And remember 2 drink max before shows.  The online release shows will be in Seattle and Miami. The physical release show will be in Philly. Details coming soon. Happy Dia De Los Muertos!


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