More Grizzly Adventures

So me and this dork genius just finished our Synth Calypso Punk concept album. It’s kind of like if Harry Belafonte, Black Thought, Daddy Yankee, Henry Rollins, Joe Ramone, Celia Cruz, La India, and Debbie Harry all had a wild orgy and we’re not to sure who the baby belongs to. We will be trying out drummers this month. Must live around the Philly area. Must be able do regional shows on the weekend. Must be able to play drunk (it’s inevitable). Must have a good sense of humor (Our jokes are pretty dumb), And no drugs. Unless you got that loud. Spark that shit up immediately. #philly #egrizzlyadventures #felipepupo #punk #calypso #hiphop #poetry #hardcore #afrobeat #reggaeton #think
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