A message from the Bear

People have been asking me what is Think? It’s a long story. Here it goes in a nutshell. A few years ago I dedicated my life to learning all the philosophies, religions, cultures, and perspectives from around the world and it made me realize there are alot of barriers in my thought process. Alot of it stemmed from religion or society. Don’t follow other religions or you’re going to hell, don’t explore sexuality or your going to hell, don’t talk about emotions or people will think you’re a coward, don’t talk bad about capitalism or you’re a Comi. Etc. It made me realize that the society I was raised in didn’t want me to think about these things and I saw the psychological warfare going on in my head. I also realized I am not alone. Everybody I know is having these battles in their head and most are scared to talk about it or even think about. The point of think is to knock these barriers down. It’s about being honest and logical with yourself. The things I say aren’t facts they are ideas. Seeds with purpose to dig deep instead of staying on the shallow end. We all have issues but we are not alone. We are never alone. Peace and Think!

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