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Waterwheel² – E Grizzly [music video]

Our homie E Grizzly, reppin the Philly Kid Grafix crew (Girard/Fishtown, Philly), has just released a dope new video featuring the ‘Waterwheel²’ track which is off of his latest mixtape – Generation 01000001 (Generation A). I’ve met with this dude a couple times already, so I gotta say that he is not only a talented performer, but this dude keeps its 100% with real hip-hop as we love it. It’s raw, unpredictable at times and always brings a new flavor to your palette. Definitely peep his mixtape, Generation 01000001, below. The entire project features the production of RJD2. Now, dig in!

Here’s a clip from his camp’s press release…

“PKG artist E. Grizzly has released his new music video for “Water Wheel²”, the forthcoming single from his latest mix “Generation A”. To view the clip from the Indie Hip Hop Award winner, click the link below. The original song comes from an RJD2 instrumental called Water Wheel. E. Grizzly is known for his dark poetic lyrics but lightened the mood a bit with this song that he wrote for all his friends around the country.

It is part of a series of videos that will be released by PKG and E. Grizzly called “Generation A”. All the videos will transition together as one story but it will be up to the listener to arrange the videos in any particular order they choose. The Water Wheel² video features E. Grizzly riding through the streets of Philadelphia at night. It was directed by local film maker Alex Halpin and edited by 9th Element at PKG Studios.”


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