Grizzly on WXPN

Props to WXPN In Philly for showing me some love for the new video.  PKG all day.

July 30, 2013 | 1:56 PM | By

Check Out a New Music Video (and download) “Waterwheel²” from E. Grizzly

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E Grizzly

Local hip-hop artist E. Grizzly just released a music video for his track “Water Wheel²,” which features him riding and cruising through the streets of Philly at night. E. Grizzly has been releasing music since 2010, much of which you can listen to on his website. In “Water Wheel²,” he raps over an original instrumental track by Philly-based DJ and beatmaker RJD2 In fact, the entire mixtape, Generation 01000001, is backed by RJD2 songs – thus the squared symbol after each track. Cool concept (be sure to also check out “Might As Well Step Forward²”).

The video for “Water Wheel²” is part of an upcoming series of videos called “Generation A” that the rapper will release with PKG; Together, the videos will form a story, but the chronology is up to the listener to decide. Check it out below, and download the tune from E. Grizzly’s site. To get a taste of what RJD2 is up to these days, listen to his latest single here.

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One thought on “Grizzly on WXPN

  1. imveryape says:

    Love the video, simple and clean, felt like watching Collateral. And you know I love this track.

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