Birth of the Think! Brand

A few people have been asking me what is “Think!”.  Think! is a brand I created to bring all of my ideas together in an nut shell.  My music, my art, my life has been dedicated to thought provoke and the think bubble has turned into my signature so there you go.  The Think! brand is created and it’s main purpose is to promote intelligence.  I want to make it cool to be smart again or at least try to.  I’ve been doing a lot of public art think bubbles in Philly and NYC so keep an eye for that.  And these are some new Think! T-shirts I’m doing with my family at PKG.  Marcus Garvey and Huey Newton just happened to be the first on my mind.  Click on the pic to buy one online.



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13 thoughts on “Birth of the Think! Brand

  1. CrysiCube says:

    interesting concept

  2. Lyn says:

    “I’m not a blogger, I just write a lot” LOL, I like that.

    Your “think” is something that is lacking these days. Act first; think later seems to be the norm – especially when it comes to reacting to something someone says. “Think” is another way of saying, “Let your emotions subside and then decide.” May your thinking spread till everyone thunks.

  3. […] listening to the beautifully composed Aurora’s Graceful Waltz  by Leo Rex and checking out Think!, the new t-shirt project by E. Grizzly. Again, complete and utter strangers, and yet we were able […]

  4. cariwiese says:

    Great idea. I’d love for it to again be “cool” to be smart! Thank you for following my blog!

  5. misterjep says:

    I like it. Have you already sampled the “Think!” shout from The Ballad of John and Yoko? That could work. I like the shirts. Thanks for checking out my stuff.

    • egrizzly305 says:

      that’s a great idea.. been wanting to do a Lenon but haven’t found the right image.. he did take some great flix with Yoko so I got to re look into that.. Thanks for the insight..

  6. tommcmanimon says:

    Instead of worrying how deep in hell in a handbasket we keep going, decide to do something positive and make a difference. Why noit you right? Why not me? Kudos to you for first recognizing what a brand is and that this can be your brand and then promoting it. Keep it up.

  7. ionna99 says:

    Really like your idea of aiming to “make it cool to be smart”! Thanks for following my blog!

  8. umaanyar says:

    the shirts are smart and ironic . I like ‘em. thanks for reading my blog.

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