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Adventures in Orlando

This was an impromptu show/battle/cookout in Orlando, FL.  We basically set up some monitors, a drum set, and amps in the parking lot of Jusincredible Cutz and went hamburger.  This was when I first started doing shows and sharing my music around the country so it’s cool to see.  Not to sure why the video is just surfacing now but better late than never.  Props to Jusincredible Cutz, Big Butta Beats, Alukard, Am I Am and everybody in Orlando who showed us love.  Me and Am I am ended up sharing the battle winnings so it was a good night for us.

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More on Generation 01000001



Aiming for a release date for 03/23/13.  It just seems like a great day for a release.

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Adventures in Philly

Some lost footage of the show I did with NAH at Union Transfer in Philly opening up for Man Man.  The audio is scratchy, and it looks like some dude recorded it back stage but it’s always interesting to see new perspectives.  Props to Mike Kuhn of NAH who’s in Europe right now doing his thing.  Make sure to check him out at nahstuff.blogspot.com

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Generation 01000001 is Coming


New mix coming soon called Generation 01000001 or Generation A.  It will be a hip hop, lyrical, poetic, fiesta.

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More Blog Love

This addition of blog love goes out to imveryape.com for showing me some love on my track Shark Hunter Quint.  It’s super appreciated man.  Feel free to click away on their link above.  They also got a hidden gem section for those sneaky tracks that get lost in the world wide web.  Good stuff!




For Fans of: Lateef the Truthspeaker, Buck 65, MF Doom, Heems,

I’d like to welcome you to the Adventures of E. Grizzly, the entertaining website of one of the most raspy and rambunctious MCs out there. It is a mix of hilarious artwork (check out the painting) and youtube videos, but also live shows, songs, and lyrics from the gravelly-voiced, Miami-based rapper E. Grizzly (aka Eric). The highlight for me so far has been finding the indie-rock tinged track Shark Hunter Quint off his newest mixtape – The Nah Mixtape. As stated in Grizzly’s site, the album was produced by the drummer of the punk band 1994, and the influence made for a great marriage. Industrial drums and rock reverb get layered with whirling synth to created a My Bloody Valentine-esque wall of noise that sounds completely novel for a hip hop track. Grizzly’s weathered but energetic delivery adds sand to that storm as he belts out thoughtful and unique lyrics  – “I’m about the new religion of free thinkin’, without the superstition”. And all the sounds blend together perfectly in the earworm of a chorus “I-I-I-I-I’m an American Guerrilla”. This is a stellar concoction of new ideas and solid rapping that has me saying, at least for today, IMVERYGUERRILLA.

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Another Radio Ghost Sighting


More mysterious recordings from your neighborhood Radio Ghost kids in Philly.  This one is with me, Yikes, and Tommy Tucker.  Always entertaining stuff.

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More PKG Photo Shoot Stuff

Philadelphia is so dirty that it’s a work of art.  It’s grunge background heaven.  I would much rather have a cleaner Philly but you take the good with the bad.  Big props to PKG of course.  You can check them out at PKG215.com.  You can check out 9th Element (the dude beside me) at 9thelement.com and you can check out photographer Jalil Simpson at wegonemakeit.blogspot.com.  All good peoples.


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More blog love

This weeks love goes to Picknicka at todayssongis.wordpress.com.

They show love so I show love back.  Check out their blog for good musica.


E. Grizzly – Meanstreak Remix (In 2 Parts)

Today’s song is exceptionally no video because the quality on Soundcloud was much better. It’s from E. Grizzly, a MC and songwriter from Miami / USA. His Genre is Hip Hop or how he self call it nerd rap. I also added the YouTube-Version in the weekly playlist.




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Staring at the sun


I can’t stop staring, at the sun and I’m not caring,
because it’s fun but it blinds me, it designs me, it defines me,
as a real man, but I feel scammed,
I got to get out of this prison, get out of this system while I still can,
but I can’t look away, and i bit the hook today,
and yesterday i took the bait I’m not proud of it but the crowd loves it,
it’s a raw attraction, but it’s all distractin’,
I can’t focus because of this bogus interaction,
between me and you, I can’t help seeing through,
all the horse shit of course it’s there but what we need to do,
is to stop the lying, and stop complying,
to the rules we’re the fool that abuse ourselves so stop the crying,
and stop the bitchin’, if you still got a pot to piss in,
and if you got food and feel sad or mad then dude you got to listen,
don’t look to play, the game just look away,

but we can’t look away, I can’t look away,
and I cant stop staring at the sun I cant stop staring,
I can’t look away, I cant look away, I cant look away, I can’t look away

and I cant stop gazing, at the sun I’m like a hot raisin,
all dried up, lyed up, eyes wide shut, and I cant stop chasing,
the american illusion, a bunch of fear and confusion,
I’m scared of nothing, fronting and I’m unaware of what I’m choosing,
cause my third eyes blind, but if you shine I shine,
and it’s prime time we can talk and walk the fine line until it’s my time,
to leave this fucking earth, I tried my best for what its worth,
and theres not alot we can do when we see the truth but it hurts,
so dont ever feel ashamed, if you ever feel this pain,
your not alone your at home in the zone because I feel the same,
and this is our song, so when it’s all wrong,
you can put this on we can think about all the in and outs untill the doubt’s all gone,
and stop the bitchin’, if you still got a pot to piss in,
and if you got food and feel sad or mad then dude you got to listen,
don’t look to play, the game just look away,

but I can’t look away.

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Awkward Interview Time

This was an interview I did a while back in Miami with Level of Alukard.  What makes this interview awkward is the story of “Siah The Suppliah”.  Not to sure if I spelled that right but it really doesn’t matter.  So this dude Siah (who’s interviewing me) and DJ Primo were working together on music and a bunch of other hustles.  To make a long story short, Siah ended up having this weird man crush on DJ Primo (the DJ in this interview) which turned extremely spiteful over night.  He snitched Primo out to the cops, and while Primo was locked up, he robbed Primo of all his music equipment.  It was the oddest homo thuggery I have ever witnessed.  Some of the girls that worked with us found Siah on a bunch of gay dating websites, Primo mentioned that Siah came on to him and starting getting evil when Primo denied him.  It was just odd.  Now I got love for the gays but I don’t got love for people who front that they are machismo super thugs when they are not.  This kind of stuff happens in hoods all around the world so don’t be fooled.  We do live in 2012 though so it should be okay for thugs to be gay.  You don’t have to do the alpha male front with me.  But big props to Primo for getting through all that drama and still doing his thing.  He works with Maybach Music Latino now and he’s a great example of a hip hop dude over coming adversity.

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