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PKG Purple Stuff

We replaced one of our water coolers for some Philly Kid Purple Stuff at PKG Headquarters.  It has some bite.  Should be an interesting Summer.

PKG Purple Stuff.

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A track off of Generation A

E. Grizzlyinversions

So just got the mix done right.  At least as right as it’s going to be.  It’s all RJD2 beats and this one is featuring Pean The Hustla from Philly.  I’m releasing the full mix for free download in a few weeks. It should be interesting as always.

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Last show in Philly

With me, Pean, Jonifin Marvin and more.  Props to PKG and everybody else who put it together.  Good times.

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Next art show in Philly

We are doing this next art show in Philly at PKG headquarters.  Lot’s of good friends and strangers involved with this including Travis Fields, Moira Katz, Abacus Love, Alex Halpin, Jalil Simpson, Woodrow Chavarria Jr, Earl Johnson, Mark A. Hernandez Jr, Keira Stevenson, Andre Booker, Mack Dewitt and Daren Toliver.  Should be sick.  I’m even doing some art for it which is cool for me.  Haven’t done any art for a show in a while.  Also got a set at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly tomorrow.  If you are in the area come through.

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Photo shoot stuff

A pic from a shoot I did with PKG.  You can check them out at PKG215.com.

E. Grizzly PKG

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More on the North Philthy Project

This was the clean up party I put together in North Philly with PKG.  It’s pretty sucio in Philly.  Everybody who participated in the clean up got free cheesesteaks, tastykakes, shirts, beer, liks, hugs etc.  This clean up party was sponsored by PKG and Max’s Steaks in Philly.  Probably do it again in a month or so.

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More on the North Philthy Project

I’m doing a cipher with a bunch of MC’s from Philly.  Should be dope.  For more info on the lot clean up go to PKGFlyshit.wordpress.com.  We’re putting the challenge out there.  If you come help clean up North Philly we’ll give you free Tastykakes, Cheesesteaks, beer and water.  Let’s see who comes out.  We’re doing video to document the event so I’ll let you know what happens.  Should be interesting.

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The North Philthy Project

This is another experiment I’m doing with the PKG crew.  If you help us clean some vacant lots in North Philly on July 14th we will give you free cheesesteaks, Tastykakes, beer and water.  It’s just there’s some spots in North Philly that are pretty dirty.  We feel like we should do something about it.  After party at PKG headquarters in North Philly.  We might even have a few performances.  Here’s some video about it.

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