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A message from the Bear

People have been asking me what is Think? It’s a long story. Here it goes in a nutshell. A few years ago I dedicated my life to learning all the philosophies, religions, cultures, and perspectives from around the world and it made me realize there are alot of barriers in my thought process. Alot of it stemmed from religion or society. Don’t follow other religions or you’re going to hell, don’t explore sexuality or your going to hell, don’t talk about emotions or people will think you’re a coward, don’t talk bad about capitalism or you’re a Comi. Etc. It made me realize that the society I was raised in didn’t want me to think about these things and I saw the psychological warfare going on in my head. I also realized I am not alone. Everybody I know is having these battles in their head and most are scared to talk about it or even think about. The point of think is to knock these barriers down. It’s about being honest and logical with yourself. The things I say aren’t facts they are ideas. Seeds with purpose to dig deep instead of staying on the shallow end. We all have issues but we are not alone. We are never alone. Peace and Think!

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A message from the Bear

Radio Ghost show tonight at The Fire with Cee Knowledge, Grandaddy Yikes, Tommy Tucker, Mike Voss, Chris Vance, y mas. For the super hip hop heads.

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A message from the Bear

Props to NikkiSiixx for showing love to the new video and putting it down for one of my home towns. I might stay all around the country but Miami will always have a piece of my heart. Big love!


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New Grizzly Video

So this is the new video I did with Ronin of RA-NYC.com in Brooklyn.  Make sure to check him out.  His art and video is sick.  We decided to release this on Vimeo because the past few weeks I’ve been the target of some serious professional hacker sabotage.  Not to sure who would go through such measures to delete my videos on Youtube and my e-mail accounts on G-Mail but hey, maybe it’s a positive.  And of course Vimeo doesn’t have the right HTML for WordPress but it’s all good.  You can click the link below and I’ll be posting this on Tumblr, Facebook and a few hip hop blogs already have started posting the video.  I appreciate the love.  Always.



RA Presents: Moore by @egrizzly305 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from RA-NYC on Vimeo.

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A message from the Bear

Yo YouTube. You just deleted 40 of my videos with no explanation. 3/4 of it was original art and music that I made. I will never upload new music to your website again. Anybody who wants to jam out with the bear can go to my website, Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. All new actual videos will be uploaded from another channel.

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Next show in Philly


With Hezekiah, Corfu, Slaughter Rico, Omir da Bomber, 9th Element and Malik B. of The Roots. I grew up listening to Malik so once again it’s super hip hop head approved.  The PKG crew will be repping. Props to Dutch Dap and the Corfu Crew for making it happen.

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Grizzly on WXPN

Props to WXPN In Philly for showing me some love for the new video.  PKG all day.


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Check Out a New Music Video (and download) “Waterwheel²” from E. Grizzly

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E Grizzly

Local hip-hop artist E. Grizzly just released a music video for his track “Water Wheel²,” which features him riding and cruising through the streets of Philly at night. E. Grizzly has been releasing music since 2010, much of which you can listen to on his website. In “Water Wheel²,” he raps over an original instrumental track by Philly-based DJ and beatmaker RJD2 In fact, the entire mixtape, Generation 01000001, is backed by RJD2 songs – thus the squared symbol after each track. Cool concept (be sure to also check out “Might As Well Step Forward²”).

The video for “Water Wheel²” is part of an upcoming series of videos called “Generation A” that the rapper will release with PKG; Together, the videos will form a story, but the chronology is up to the listener to decide. Check it out below, and download the tune from E. Grizzly’s site. To get a taste of what RJD2 is up to these days, listen to his latest single here.

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