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Awkward Interview Time

This was an interview I did a while back in Miami with Level of Alukard.  What makes this interview awkward is the story of “Siah The Suppliah”.  Not to sure if I spelled that right but it really doesn’t matter.  So this dude Siah (who’s interviewing me) and DJ Primo were working together on music and a bunch of other hustles.  To make a long story short, Siah ended up having this weird man crush on DJ Primo (the DJ in this interview) which turned extremely spiteful over night.  He snitched Primo out to the cops, and while Primo was locked up, he robbed Primo of all his music equipment.  It was the oddest homo thuggery I have ever witnessed.  Some of the girls that worked with us found Siah on a bunch of gay dating websites, Primo mentioned that Siah came on to him and starting getting evil when Primo denied him.  It was just odd.  Now I got love for the gays but I don’t got love for people who front that they are machismo super thugs when they are not.  This kind of stuff happens in hoods all around the world so don’t be fooled.  We do live in 2012 though so it should be okay for thugs to be gay.  You don’t have to do the alpha male front with me.  But big props to Primo for getting through all that drama and still doing his thing.  He works with Maybach Music Latino now and he’s a great example of a hip hop dude over coming adversity.

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All in moderation


Off of the Revolution will be Televised mix with Level from Miami.  Produced by Level.

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Adventures in Orlando

This was sort of an impromptu show/block party we did in the parking lot of Jusincredible Cutz in Orlando, FL.  We had some monitors and amps so me and Level did an AlukarD set together.  Then there was this friendly battle that I was peer pressured to be in.  Not really into battles but the rules specified that it really wasn’t a battle.  It was more like a friendly competition of MC’s so I was down.  It ended in a draw with me and Am I Am.  If you don’t know Am he’s a dope MC so if you’re one of those super hip hop heads that likes digging than Am and Orlando is a good spot to look.  Actually Florida in general has above par MC’s surprisingly.  It’s not all Ross and Pit Bull.  And last but not least Big Butta Beats was dropping sick beats all night.  Another guy you should check out for good hip hop mixes.  I like how he put an epic score on the video below.  Part two of this event is coming soon which I didn’t know about but I will probably be there.



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More Adventures in Miami

So if you know your Miami scene history you might remember Black Sheep Bar on the Beach.  And if you’re really good you might know it used to be The Laundry Bar.  I’m not to sure what this venue is now but this was a collabo set I did with Alukard, Candace Meyer, and Korpus Kounty.  We were opening up for Canibus at the time.  He actually rocked the crowd too so it was definitely a classic night in Miami.

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More Adventures in Miami

Some video of me playing synthesizer with Alukard in Miami.  My fro was massive at the time.

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Zombie <3

An unreleased track produced by Level of Alukard and Korpus Kounty in Miami.  Zombies need love too.

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Now Is All You Have

This is an unreleased track I did with Level on production.  Candace Meyer and Lai-Si are singing the hook.  They’re both talented songstress’s you should check out.  But yeah got to keep it moving.

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I Didn’t Forget

A track I did with a bunch of fellow Miami lyricists was stuck on repeat this morning.  Didn’t really notice it until 20 minutes in.  I’m not fully conscious in the morning.  But it reminded me of a big inspiration in my artistic life.  The dude is Will Bell.  He was a national spoken word artist in Miami who was murdered last year over some nonsense.  He was one of the first people to give me a lyrical ass whipping and broaden my mind about being a true lyricist and poet.  I thought I was the shit when I first walked into the into his spot, The Literary Cafe.  I walked out with my ass handed to me and it made me step up my craft.  He was a big inspiration to not just poets in Miami but poets all over the country.  I put together a show at The Nuyorican Cafe in NYC a few months back and they were even talking about Will and how he was the man.

I can go on and on about this but if you want to read more about it you can click on the Miami New Times article below.  If you want to hear Will the Real One in action you can listen to the track below that we did together.  He’s the first guy destroying the mic with spoken word goodness.  Also to my other fellow MC’s on this track Saheed, LMS, Alpha.  I got love for all of yall.  I’ve been away for a while and we haven’t talked but I see what yous guys are doing and it’s dope.  I’m building up north and got a bunch of shows this summer in Philly and NYC if you want to rock up here.  Peace.


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I live my whole life like it’s a Sunday

It’s a Sunday which reminded me of a song I wrote.  This was a song that I use to perform alot with AlukarD about a year or two ago in Miami.  So if you did see it live I hope you enjoyed it because it probably won’t be played live again.  Unless we do a reunion set which would be interesting and make people go “awwww that was nice”.  I have my doubts about that but anything is possible.  Level is still my dude though.  And so is Donald and all the crazy Alukardians in Miami.  Had a good time with them in past adventures and still have love for all of them.  This album is still getting shopped around by M.I. Yayo Music as well.  It might pop off again years from now.   You never know with this crazy music industry.

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